Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something Sketchy

Hi Readers. It is rainy here and I have a sick kiddo in the house. The perfect day to sit around and watch loads of Sesame Street, Clifford and the like. My couch is like a desk-island. We've been pretty well all summer, I've almost forgotten what a sick day feels like. 

Anyhow, I needed to put something I drew up today because I promised, and the blog is just feeling so lacking in the way of sketches these days. I literally just grabbed my sketchbook and picked a page that felt like today. This was from back in the spring, when I was laid up with another cold, watching the series The Duchess of Duke Street on Netflix streaming. Something about those BBC miniseries appeals to me, especially when I have a cold.

Tune in tomorrow for a peek into my process for creating a poster for a musical! Whee! Until then...


rigel said...

i love your sketches. especially the lil' lady in the rain :)

Miss J said...

thanks so much!