Friday, August 13, 2010

Favorite Things Friday!

Yay! The weekend is finally here, and it is gorgeous outside which makes for one very happy me. I have to work tomorrow, but still - just having the sun out there makes it feel not so bad. This week has been intense, working late into the night and not really getting much done.  Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

1. Magnetic Flame Decals. Oh yeah. Maybe it's because I grew up driving an El Camino with a DIY hot pink flame job (that's a story all its own), but I do love cars with flames. A new car is in our future and although we haven't decided on a model yet so many signs are pointing toward The Minivan. If we get one - mine will likely be black, and totally rock some flames.

2. Rick's Picks. Pretty much everything I've tried by this company makes me swoon. And, I love the simple packaging and the product names. The Phat Beets are to die for. 

3. The beach, and playing with my kiddo in the sand. What started out as a morning filled with whining and tantrums was completely solved by going to the beach. It was such a break to just zone out and stare at the water, and build 'sand Elmos'. One of the reasons I love where I live ? Going to the beach in less than 15 minutes.

4. Krentenbol. Afternoons at the beach always remind me of the long afternoons I've spent at the North Sea with my Dutch family - we'd usually take a picnic including sandwiches made on these delicious currant rolls. I miss them (both my family AND the rolls).  Here's a recipe for the rolls if you feel so inclined

5. These shortie cowboy boots. I know, I know. First I want a flamed minivan and now these? I'm even surprised. Oh, and they come in pink.

Happy Weekending, and thanks for reading along this week.

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Michael Buchino said...

Who are you kidding? The kiddo and sand Elmos? I know what those buckets are for!