Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Year of Handmade: progress report

Last week was my step- dad's birthday, and I decided that I should stick to my 'year of handmade' challenge. He is a big BBQ enthusiast so I made some different dry rubs that I found in The Joy of Cooking. It was a fun, easy project to do with my kiddo. I also made some horrible, yet homemade BBQ sauce that got chucked right down the garbage disposal. To round out the gift, I broke down and bought a nice bottle of wine. So, not a complete success with the 100 % handmade, but it is a start.I think I am learning that I better stick with things I know are going to work out or start way, way early!

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Mary said...

Still you done good. Plus it is neat for miss H to help you. I've been liking the idea a lot of what you are doing but am not sure I could 100% follow it.
I did go to a fabric store in Hawaii and buy some lovely Hawaiian print fabrics. Now to figure out what I want to do with it. I've also been toying with ideas of how to use thrift store leftovers of wallpaper as edging for small simple watercolors. I'd love to keep hearing your ideas and what constitutes cheating and what is ok within the realm of handmade. Ie. you bought the metal lock jars. I'm not saying this to make you defensive just I wanna know for if I follow some path of similar action. Nathans's Birthday will be the day before the wedding...so right now am thinking of a gift for him.
love ya, Auntie Em.