Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Etsy Wall Wednesday #8: Orange

Red Tulip Fields $40 3" x 7"  { Original Oil Painting by Erin Spencer }

Dancing Elves  $35  8.5" x 11"  { Limited Edition Print by Matte Stephens }

Kooky Birds $19  8" x 10" { Fine Art Archival Print  by PetitReve }

My Place $20  8.5" x 11"  { Fine art Print by Shira }

I love the color orange. It is not an inherited love, because my grandma actually hates the color and has confessed to once removing all of the orange crayons from her kid's crayon boxes. For real! Anyhow, orange love must skip a generation because I can't get enough. 

Here are four loverly Etsy finds for a long, long, long overdue Wall Wednesday that I found by typing "orange" into the search box in the Art category on Etsy. I bought Kooky Birds a few months ago and love it - it is hanging on my great wall of Etsy in my house.  Please check out these and all the other wonderful artists on Etsy and join me in declaring "No More Boring Walls" in your home!


Leisa Goldberg said...

Orange is our family color! Paul and I and the kids love it...

Jennifer said...

Oranje!! I love me some orange. I will be proudly wearing it starting June 14th. :-)