Monday, April 19, 2010

Freelance Funnies

Hi all! As I mentioned last week, I am in the middle of a few freelance projects. I'm currently working on two images for the exciting 2010-11 season at Portland Center Stage, and I just wrapped up a poster for Seattle's Book-It Repertory Theatre production of The Cider House Rules. I feel so lucky that these clients treat me so well, working for fantastic clients makes it all worth it. An added bonus - phone calls to these two usually contain a lot of laughs that give me something to giggle about for the entire day, sometimes days. Makes me miss the daily laughs of my in-house design gig a few years ago. My god, my gut hurt daily from the laughter. Loved that job.

The freelance life does have its perks, but anyone who has done anything freelance can relate to this genius video. I love this. I think I should make all of my new clients watch it before I begin work with them.

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