Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorite Things Friday!


It's Friday again (how did that happen so fast?) Here are a few things that I enjoyed this week:
1. Butterfly chairs - I want to put some of these on my deck this spring. 2. Dipping into my kiddo's whole milk - I couldn't get enough of it this week for some reason. This could become a seriously bad habit. 3. Black licorice - the most recent addition to my stash came from Iceland! 4. This Gnome figure from the Tic Toc
Apocalypse to series by artist Amanda Visell. Holy moley he is cute - I found him while researching gnomes this week. 5. My new foot soaking bucket I got at the H Mart. I love this thing, and anticipate using it to cool my swollen tootsies this summer. 6. Daffodils, which are everywhere these days, but I think they are so cheerful.

1 comment:

Librarian Girl said...

This is how weird I am- when I first saw that foot soaking bucket, I thought it was some sort of free-standing boxer brief. Hee hee!

Daffodils are super cheery, especially on a day like today!