Friday, March 12, 2010

Favorite Things Friday


I love that my pal Librarian Girl sometimes does a week-end review of the items she consumed and enjoyed in her week. I thought I'd do a collage type one of the things that made my week a little brighter.

1. Researching vintage fruit crate labels for an upcoming project. 2. My PITT drawing pens 3. Coffee (with lots of cream and sugar). 4. A Bauer Alladin Teapot I scored for a ridiculously cheep price at a local consignment shop. 5. The packaging of Late July crackers and setting the box in front of my kiddo as she eats them - hoping she'll adsorb the design goodness. 6. This pink Eraser Ring 7. The promise of wearing new sandals even though it snowed this week.

Oh yeah, and also this. My kid is OBSESSED with this 70s rendition of Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head. I love the cheesy dancing and set in this video. Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone was so tall in the 70s. Tall, skinny, and legs up to their chin. C.