Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wall Wednesday #4: Harry Stooshinoff

For this Wall Wednesday I'd like to introduce you to the wonderful landscape paintings of Canadian artist (and Etsy seller) Harry Stooshinoff. I was immediately drawn to the colors, big skies, and loose yet perfectly placed strokes in Harry's work. I love that they are very graphic, yet representational at the same time.

This guy is nothing short of prolific, just visit his his Etsy shop Paintbox to see what I mean. His small works on paper (acrylic on paper) start at $25 and go up to $50 and there are so many to chose from.

Low Clouds, SOLD - to me!

I am the proud new owner of this beauty "Low Clouds". I just love the cloud shape, the thickness of the paint. And there is something about the composition that is so calming to me. He also sells larger works on paper $100 - $300, and works on canvas or panel that range from $90 - $1000. There is really something for every budget at his shop.

He is currently a part of the Enormous Tiny Art Show 7 at the Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Here is a lovely quote from Harry's profile on Etsy:

"When I was a boy growing up in Saskatchewan, I used to look far into the distance and wish I had more trees around me....to protect me and make the place feel less empty. Now I have lots of trees around me, but I still like to look very far into the distance. It's a big, NOISY world... So I make small, quiet paintings... It makes a certain kind of sense."

Here's how to find Harry online:
His Etsy Shop: Paintbox
His blog: Landscape Paintings
His Flickr page

Thanks Harry!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Little, tiny paintings that show so much landscape. I would love to have these up for the girls to study over the years. Tiny marks/paper makes huge spatial depth--mind bender. clink