Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Ramblings

If you ever see me taking notes at a meeting, this is probably what I am actually doing; doodling images of Shakespeare, bunny slippers, pastries and letters that I love.

My computer's shiny new hard drive decided to kick the bucket last night, leaving me computer-less for (GASP!) about 18 hours. As a result I didn't get to do my normal blog post. I am very grateful for my sweet resident computer GENIUS who brought my dear machine back to life, and for the automatic back-ups that happen daily in our house. Thank you! All is well now in Computerland.

Big things planned for this week. I've got a great Wall Wednesday artist to talk about tomorrow, and a peek at my "new" process for Thursday! Stay tuned, blog friends!

1 comment:

Librarian Girl said...

Love all the R's in the doodle!