Thursday, January 7, 2010

Illustration Friday: Renewal

Here's my contribution for Illustration Friday this week - right at the last minute.

Where I grew up, there were always a lot of little lizards running around in the summer. Many of my friends caught them and kept them as pets. The whole thing kind of grossed me out - I secretly dreaded the Lizard Catching Season. One day I got brave enough to hold one and the lizard's tail literally snapped off in my hand, leaving a perfect bloody stub. I felt horrible for the little guy, but also sure I was going to upchuck the bologna sandwich I'd been lucky enough to score for lunch.

"Don't worry", my friend said as she slipped the now tail-less reptile back into the aquarium she kept in her room, "he'll grow a new one." What? For reals? And sure enough he did.

The New Year is all about Resolutions - a capital "R" one time chance to start over. But I much prefer the idea of renewal. Continually giving yourself to start fresh every moment of every day - the ability to grow new ideas, new aspirations, and new starts.


Mousy Brown said...

I like your renewal idea much more than making resolutions! Hope you are recovering from the flu now? :)

Alex said...

nice! love the pic and the explanation - it's amazing how bad you can feel about those things hey? Great blog

SusanJane said...

I'm with you--ewww! but yeah, they do grow back, I've seen it. Back when we had cats they would catch the tail and the lizzie would snap & escape.
You should do a line of list pads with some of these designs-- you know, long lined pad to put to-do list on? This design would be perfect.
Get better soon-- you need some healthy!

Gwen said...

Renewal instead of resolutions= PERFECT! Nice illustration, too!

Feel better!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Love the illustration and your story!