Thursday, January 28, 2010

Illustration Friday: Clumsy

I started this drawing the day before this week's Illustration Friday topic was revealed, and when I saw that the word was 'clumsy' it was a great motivator to get this little illustration ready to roll.

This marks the beginning of an exciting new series of small affordable prints, I'm calling "Friendly Little Reminders" that will be available in my Etsy shop starting today!

Selling for a wee $20 bucks, these giclee prints measure 8 x 10 inches and will slip easily into any store bought frame, making a perfect little gift or a friendly reminder to hang on your wall.

I read this quote a few weeks ago from a book of "American Proverbs" and the image of a banana peel laying in wait popped into my head. We all get tripped up, slipping on little things along our way - but slips are just slips. So true!


Mark Cavell said...

Wise words perfectly portrayed.

Lovely idea, can’t wait to see more.

Jessica said...

Love it! Especially the hint of organic stcker.

Michael said...

killing it

Roma GutiƩrrez said...

Great illustration, love the colors and the textures. I like the proverb too.. i think i'll adopt it as my sentence of the week!! ;)

life without novacaine said...

Love your little banana and the textures. Nice take on this topic!

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like this print has my name all over it? Love it!