Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Santa's Workshop

For the first time in my life pretty much, I've started thinking about Christmas early this year. I'm working on getting my etsy shop all stocked up for the holidays, like this sweet note card that will be for sale soon. I'm placing orders, making lists, and checking things off just like Mr. Claus here (minus the beard, of course). I have many more ideas than I have time to produce - maybe I need to find some nice elves to give me a hand?

I'm trying so hard to keep up my energy and enthusiasm for this project of getting ready for the holidays online. But, somedays I just want to look away, go eat a dozen cupcakes and hibernate until spring. Maybe it is because I only can work on stuff in little 1 or 2 hour chunks before I have to walk away for a day or more. Some weeks, designing a simple greeting card can take up to three weeks to complete, and after all that time it just doesn't feel exciting anymore. Does anyone else have this issue?

This life as a mom, artist, designer for hire, cook, married lady, and friend etc., can feel so sporadic. It sometimes feels like living in a bento box (yes, another food metaphor I know - bear with me). It is full of wonderful and tasty variety, but there is never a lot of any one thing anymore - and sometimes you just want to eat a whole platter of tempura.

In the coming weeks I'll be photographing my work and put it up on etsy. I'll let you know when they are available. After that, this Santa is going to be taking herself on a well deserved holiday!


Anonymous said...

Hiee Julia, your adore your santa note card...so adorable. Its nice to start thinking about christmas early. :) Oh and its perfectly normal to feel and want to look away and do something else. Taking breaks inbetween creations are good. :) You are a superwoman having to divide your time in so many different roles. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

i love this Julia!! hang in during this season ~ I know exactly how you feel. many of us do so to echo Jacqueline's sentiment take breaks and have some fun in the process.

Miss J said...

Thanks Jacqueline and Marisa! Good advice, I do need to take more breaks...maybe just one or two cupcakes, and then back to work !

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Hello Julia, I love this santa design! The playful mixture of straight lines and curvy ones!

Yes, I can relate too, to losing interest in my own projects. Especially if it takes a long time before I can continue working on them. I've found that I stay connected with my work if I just take a quick look at it before I go to bed or in the morning. That way the project can be with me in my thoughts and I can be sort of creating in my mind? If that makes sense?

I'm wildly impressed by you looking ahead so far in advance! Christmas... I ought to too!