Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Month in Review: May

Folks, it is busy times around here. I'm working on a completing a big design project, we've got a house remodel going, two very anticipated international guests coming at the end of the month, and two first birthday parties to plan and give. Yeah. We're busy. And as a result ye olde blog has suffered a bit. But, as busy as things are right now there are still creative goings on that are worth reporting here. So I give you the Month in Review for May instead of The Weeklies.

On my plate

I'm not gonna lie. When things get hectic, my cooking and baking adventures tend to come to a stop. The month of May found us eating lots of take out burritos, delivered pizza, breakfast for dinner, and scraps of rejected banana off the baby's highchair tray (sounds kinda gross, doesn't it?). We've been eating more than our fair share of packaged foods, too. After a stop to a local import grocer I've become addicted to having a few McVitie's digestive cookies with my afternoon Typhoo tea. Hopefully June will see us eating a bit healthier.

Lesson Learned
Cutting a squirmy baby's hair is hard, and my kid is destined to have crooked
bangs. I wish my haircut went as easy as the on in this sweet Howcast video.

Font of the Month

I'm totally digging Sympathique by Canada Type. It's only 22 bucks, and best of all, I think I have an upcoming project the this face will be perfect for! I love, love, love the curly ampersand.

In my bookmarks Ok, for all you typophiles out there, here is a fun quiz to test your font-know how. The Rather Difficult Font
Game. I'm not revealing my score.

Off the needles

Yes! I FINALLY finished a project. Since summer has yet to really start here in Mossytown (I am so OVER this weather I have no words for it anymore), the baby still has the need for a warm sweater. I had two skeins of inexpensive, soft, Red Heart yarn in my stash and thought, why not? In the past I've been partial to knitting with more expensive natural stuff. But after one such creation got thrown in the dryer and ruined by a very tired mama (that'd be me) I decided the knit something that could indeed be washed and dried without shrinking. I used this free pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. All in all I'm happy with the results and it cost less than $10 to make.

From my camera

Here are two photos I'm pretty proud of from the past month. They are both inspired my my pal Andrea, a professional photographer who continually inspires me to look closer at things! I love her work so much. She's also been really helpful to me in explaining my new camera to me! Thanks Andrea!

In my ears

I love "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John. I know it has been around for a bit, but the whistling s so catchy! Any song with cool whistling is my friend. "Evil Urges" is also groovy, and will stick in your head as well. I love these lyrics " Honey it‘s rotten and they got us so scared/Thinking there’s some evil waiting under vain/ Whooo! I made a nasty decision/ To love whoever I want just-a whenever I can". Sweet! "Grounds For Divorce" kinda reminds me of The The from back in the day, mixed with Peter Gabriel..a strange but good combo. "Stronger" is just plain catchy and has been on my mind (Be warned..this is the explicit version..probably not for the kiddies) the month of May was challenging for me, so it was important to remember "N-n-now that that don't kill me can only make me stronger". Crank this one up, put on your shutter shades and do a silly dance. And finally, a little Flaming LIps love with "It's Summertime". I need to believe that it is!


Jenny said...

Love the fotos!!!! And the sweater! And the design! And the fontastic curly ampersand. You rock!

Kelly Medina said...

What a great catch up post. Thanks for sharing! :)

walker t.r. said...


i'm super super flattered, thanks for the props miss j. those are some pretty sweet pics, and can i just say how amazing that sweater is, you are incredible! *sigh* someday i will be patient/not lazy enough to knit. love the image of you having tea with digestive biscuits, so civilized.

Uncle Beefy said...

Oh c'mon, J.! Was that really tea in that cup or was it Jack Daniels? Poor Mama! I love the McVitie's too!!! But with a martini ;)

That sweater is flippin' amazing! I'm fascinated by knitting and would love to give it a go but, as you know, I've got enough to do already!

Great catch-up post! Perchance we will get our own catch up one day soon :)