Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weeklies#3: Weeklies Cockaigne!

Handmade Object
These adorable socks were sent to me for our baby by my dear friend Molly over at Baby Finds a Kazoo. Thank you so much Miss Molly! We love them.

I just filled another sketchbook. I tend to fill up one big one per year, and a few random smaller ones.Here is my final page.

Best food I ate
Banana cardamom cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (see below), delicious Apple Crisp with Jenny, and although this might sound lame...a big helping of sauteed spinach garnished with butter, lemon and pepper.

Thing I made
I rescued some more sad, neglected, over-ripe bananas moments before they were about to be thrown into our compost pile. I wanted to do something MORE with them than the usual bread. I also had a brick of cream cheese that needed to be used in the next week, and a large bag of organic powdered sugar that mysteriously showed up in my pantry after the baby was born. After a lot of searching for the perfect recipe I cracked open my new edition of The Joy of Cooking (thanks Grandma!) and found a recipe for Banana Cake Cockaigne. I'm really not sure what the heck cockaigne even means, but I think it is a fun word and I want to add it to everything. They turned out A-mazing, and I would highly recommend this recipe. Click below for a fun, clip-n-save recipe card designed by me! Banana Cardamom Cupcakes Cockaigne....cock a doodle doo!

Best thing I saw on the web
My recent job in a local theatre's communications and marketing group gave me a whole new appreciation for clever stick-to-your-ribs advertising and how hard it is to achieve something fresh. This campaign for Pemco insurance cracks me up. Their Northwest Profiles are spot on and funny without being mean or gross. And if you've ever been to the Pacific Northwest I'm sure you have spotted #56 "Sandals and Socks Guy".

Can't live without
My freakin lint roller. Postpartum hair loss bites!

Oh my goodness people, am I excited. I am finally coming up to speed on the embeddable music players so popular on MySpace and the like. Now I can make these playlists and share them with you, and you can LISTEN to them. I get to be my own Casey Kasem. Some of the music below might not be new to you, but it is to me and these are the songs that have been stuck in my head all week.

Here's the low-down on this week's list. Jill Scott: how much do I love her? Why can't I sing like that? If I could, I'd give up talking, I'd just sing everything. Of course it would also help if I could come up with stuff like "What if I gave you diamonds / Out of my own womb / Would you feel the love in that / Or ask “why not the moon”?", I've been singing 'Boxcar' to my little one as a lullaby, ditto for 'Boy With a Coin'. 'The Wand' makes me want to do a crazy robot like dance.. 'Say Hello' makes me want to dig out my old goth wardrobe (before it was called goth) and moodily sip coffee in the rain, while looking forlorn. And I just discovered Arthur and Yu. I love the little toy piano in this song. Enjoy!

(10/16 I've temporarily removed the player while I update it for this week's entry...stay tuned!)

Feeling happy about
Returning to the gym, mom and baby yoga, daily tea breaks with hubby.

Making me laugh
The new season of The Office.


cynseattle said...

I so so so so so so so love the Flying Pencil....sigh...I look forward to reading it and feeling like I'm seeing julia every week! xoxox Cyn

Gwen said...

I made a similar banana cake from Joy of Cooking, sans cardomom (though I love cardomom, this recipe didn't call for it). I added chocolate chipa (the teeny ones) and frosted them with a scrumptious peanut butter frosting I got from the Barefoot Contessa.

They were a huge hit...maybe I already told you about them??

I love your recipe format, and I am going to try the recipe, as I also have some languishing bananas.

The weeklies are great!

rudecactus said...

Love your illustrations and pictures!!

Molly said...

oooohh. what a terrific post, girl! Besides the fact that you kick it off with a picture of baby H wearing her socks (priceless!!), I love. love. love. your weeklies.

Way to keep your life balanced in the midst of new mommyhood. This is not easy to do - but essential for happiness.

much love. m