Monday, September 24, 2007

The Weeklies: #1

I'm stealing this idea from my pal Librarian Girl, who "stoled" it from Chris. I like the idea of looking for the best parts of my week, taking notes and reporting them here. It may also help me make sure to eat something fabulous each week, keep my eyes and ears peeled for great art, and make something creative (even if it is just dinner). Here goes:

This photo I took at my sister in law's wedding. It was a magical day.

Best food I ate (not all at once, mind you...)
Lavender cake filled with lemon curd and fresh blackberry jam topped with lemon butter creme frosting, a Honeycrisp apple, an ice cold Coke.

Handmade Object
This tunic top made by my mother in law. Made using Simplicity Pattern 4528 and fabric from Burundi, Africa.Thing I made
The Barefoot Contesa's baked Mac and Cheese. With a whole stick of butter and 6 cups of cheese you just can't go wrong. We happily ate this for three whole days. Click here for the recipe.

Best thing spotted on the web

Only a paper moon gallery on flickr. I want my picture in one of these!
Can't live without
IcyHot patches (I hurt my back earlier in the week...ouch!).

Block Ice and Propane, Erik Friedlander. This guy plays a cello like a guitar (meaning sans bow), and the songs on this cd were inspired by his childhood cross country road trips. Listen and read about it here.

Feeling happy about
Baby talk, weddings, fall sunshine, heavy blankets on the bed, and coffee.

Making me laugh
This skit I caught on a rerun of SNL. Oh, the dancing! I wish I could say this is how I hurt my back.


biology girl said...

Ow! My laughing muscles! That SNL skit is FUNEEEEE! I want to see the coach in a dance off with Ricky Gervais...

Now, um, can you send me a piece of that delicious cake?

Gwen said...

Who knew that Peyton Manning was so FUNNY!? I love the idea of "Weeklies", keep it up, and thanks for the mac and cheese recipe, too. Tom will say thanks, too!

rudecactus said...

I dig what you did with the Weekly idea!!