Friday, June 8, 2007


I have been tagged by Molly to share 7 weird facts about myself. I'm actually really relieved to be doing this because I have been suffering from a major case of bloggers block and this may be just the thing to help me snippety-snap out of it! Why is it so hard to think of weird facts about oneself? I know for certain that I've got some odd traits but nothing as juicy-good as: an aversion to wrists, the ability to perfectly mimic a seagull's call, or the fear that you are cross-eyed and no one is telling you. I actually know people that will fully own up to those gems. But maybe since these are my weird facts they don't seem so weird. You be the judge:

1. Bad Smells

My hubby claims I have an "attraction to bad smells", I think the word "attraction" is a little strong. I prefer "strange fascination". When I smell something really really bad, I HAVE to figure out what it is and where it is coming from. I'm an olfactory Nancy Drew of sorts, and the joy I get from unearthing a bad smell is pretty disturbing. Following my nose to track down a bad smell has landed my sniffer in my hubby's armpit on more than one occasion.

2. Little House
I am a full fledged Little House On The Prairie fan (the TV show, not so much the books). I have seen nearly every episode at least a few times and
recall strange and useless facts about plot lines, costumes, and dialogue. I know which episodes recycle actors and music. The only episode I have never made it through is called "For The Love Of Blanche" which stars an orangutan.

3. Voices
In college my pal Jenny and I developed a cast of make-believe characters that helped keep us going during those strenuous all nigh
ters in the art studio. This included but was not limited to: a pair of college football players, a pair of octogenarian scientists (pictured at left), a pair of kleptomaniac sisters, a pair of dirty psychologists, two southern belles, and a pair of fast talking convict brothers. Not only did we spend time drawing these characters, but we developed voices and a unique syntax that each pair uses together. To this day in a normal conversation with Jenny, one of the voices will always come into play. Sometimes when this happens in public, people stare at us.

4. Howard Keel
I have an uncanny ability to sing like Howard Keel in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I discovered this by accident after an annual Christmas
viewing of the movie musical with my friends when I decided to serenade them with "Bless Your Beautiful Hide". It was like I was channeling or something, it still freaks me out.

5. Sounds
Certain sounds drive me up the wall. Fingernails on a
chalkboard? No problem with me, bring it on! I'm talking about the really annoying sounds like teeth hitting silverware, people chewing crunchy potato chips with open mouths, and the song "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick. All of these sounds will send me flying across the room.

6. Type Snob
This is a more recent
one, post graphic design school. I am a font snob. I really never thought it could happen to me, but it has. I have been known to refuse to read things if they are written in a poorly designed typeface like Comic Sans. I'm also considering names for our baby not only based on sound, but on how the letters look together on paper. That's weird..I admit it.

7. Cold
I am allergic to the cold.
When I tell people this they usually laugh and say "Yeah, I don't like the cold either". But I actually have something called Cold Induced Urticaria which means I can break out into hives, swell up like a balloon, and go into shock if I go skiing or jump into a lake. Sort of a weird fact that I can't control. But what is weirder is that I actually used this allergy to make my lips look fuller before my 10 year high school reunion by icing them so they puffed up like Angelina Jolie's, ok maybe the effect was more Meg Ryan.

So, there you have it. 7 weird things about little ole me. Next I am supposed to tag 7 other people to do the same exercise. Problem is, I only know one other person in Blogland who hasn't recently done this, and that would be my friend Gwen (if she's up for it). I'd also like to hear from some of my wacky sans blog pals like Biology Girl, Jenny, Christine, Ilana, Amber, and any of my other faithful readers who care to share. If you non bloggers are so inclined you can make your quirks public knowledge in my comments section. And I'll let you off don't have to share 7 things....maybe just one? Oh pretty please! But if none of you feel like doing this, seriously, no pressure. I wouldn't want to make you feel weird.

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french panic said...

Nothing of what you have listed sounds weird at all. Weird being subjective, of course, but there is no weirdness here AT ALL. Especially with the baby naming... that just makes absolute perfect sense. These are things that make you seem interesting, not weird. Though I also think that "weird" is a bit of a junior high concept. "Weird" being just another way for people to decide what is "normal" but what the hell is normal?

Gwen said...

I loved these weird things, Miss J, and thanks for tagging me. I was thinking about making up someone who "tagged" me so I could do it!

I would love to hear the Howard Keel thing, I am sure your baby will love it until they hit junior high... I also love that you are thinking about how the letters of your baby's name will look on paper. So cool.

Okay, here is my weirdness:

1. I am very vain about being a redhead. I intend to be one unto to the grave (especially because my hair is WHITE now, or so my hairdresser tells me).

2. I love to be surprised. My husband doesn't and always warned me if someone was planning a surprise for me until I told him not to, because I LOVE it!

3. I took a LOT of an unnamed illegal substance in college before watching Yellow Submarine and still have mild flashbacks if I happen to see the movie, especially when the animated faces morph into the real Beatle faces. Whoah.

4. I am a somewhat introverted person, but I secretly long to be really "out there" like Bette Midler back in the day; Pink, the Japanese girls who dress up, and people who dye their hair purple and blue.

5. I actually do have some purple streaks in my red hair now, love that combination.

That is it. I am sure that my husband could come up with several more, but I don't want to go there...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama J!

I hear you on the crunchy noises!

Here's my 7 weird things...

1) I can NOT stand the crackling sound of things like chip bags or m&m wrappers. It makes me want to grab the person who’s doing it and punch them in the face. And I’m not a violent person!
2) Having my hair played with makes me fall asleep almost instantly.
3) When I was in high school… I was even more a germ freak than I am now and pop tots where my favorite safe food to eat, because you could eat them without washing your hands first because they have those perfect pastry corners that don’t have any filling so I could hold on to them with my dirty fingers and eat right up to that little nub of a corner and then just throw them away. Plus, who cares about the fruitless, frostingless corners anyway?
4) I almost always ask for a side of ketchup, ranch and bbq sauce when I have things like burgers or fries. I just really like condiments!
5) I sleep with socks no matter how hot it is.
6) I like to make fake “city traffic” noises when I pass other cars or pull tight corners.
7) I have two middle names. One regular one, and one Christmas related on. Amber Marie Joy. Born Dec 29th. Thank you Jesus.

Jenny said...

1. I think I'm cross-eyed, but no one has the guts to tell me for reals (including the eye doctor).

2. I enjoy a few things that other people really hate, such as preparing my taxes, jury duty and pulling weeds.

3. When I was a child I could not handle thick seams in my underwear or seams in socks that are at the end of the toe and not across the top of the toe. I guess I still can't handle those things.

4. I have a collection of alter egos, to match The Flying Pencil's characters. The football players are so much fun, as are the southern belles. Won't you be a lamb and get me a mint julep, uh huh! Rickety Spitz is a wanna be rock star whose favorite song is a hard rock version of "She's like the wind."

5. I don't understand thong underwear. On many levels. I have spent HOURS thinking about this strange article of clothing. I know, I know, people say you can't feel it, and it offers panty line prevention. I still don't fully get it. Gee, there are two out of seven items here dealing w/ undies. Strange.

6. I love costumes but I cannot tolerate wigs w/ beards, especially if they are gray. Subjecting me to that sort of thing gives me the CREEPS!

7. I will eat just about anything, but I strongly dislike pea pods. Sugar snap peas are fine, but pea pods, steer clear! They are flat, fibrous, and icky. I would rather drink Milk of Magnesia than eat pea pods.

Molly said...

I knew you'd produce lots of good weirdness.
As I read the list, I remember how many weird things we share. I too feel an unnatural love for Little House, and I recall agreeing with you that we would be buying the entire series on DVD and forcing our children watch. What better way to instill good, old-fashioned values?
Also, I can't believe I forgot the cold allergy for my own list! My allergy has not manifested as severely as yours (then again, I don't go jumping in cold lakes!) but I have had many itchy hives with miniskirts on chilly days.

Also, I chose both may children's names after considering how lovely the letters looked on paper. These things are important!
terrific list. you are weird.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss J!

Love the list you put on your lovely blog! Here is my little list, from your red-haired Dutch friend, Miss M.
1) There is something about Earl Grey tea...can't explain it, but I have a least 5 different brands. Some ugly, some nice, some really nice, but I am still looking for Mister Early Right Grey. (Suggestions welcome)
2) I have to admit: whenever I read a newspaper I read the death rolls/obituary's first. (Sorry don't know the official word in English) I always wonder about people's lives, their dreams and passions. I also love reading biography's, diaries etc.
3) I hate it when people (only Dutch speaking persons) make language mistakes when they talk. I try to stay calm and kind, but inside there is this voice, screaming whenever I hear people talk in bad grammer or use ugly words.
4)I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pens, paper, journals, cards...the lot! When I was visiting Miss J I had to go to stores with stationary. I have enough pens and paper to keep me writing untill I am about 200 years old.
5) I have this thing with Paris. I read novels and books. Watch movies and dream about being beautiful and flamboyant and of course, very rich, so I can live in one of those cool appartments. Having a small castle to the side where I spent my weekends.
6) There is one smell, one flavour that makes me vomit almost instantly: coconut! Don't know what it is, but I strongly hope never to get trapped on a desert island with only those crazy nuts to eat.
7) If I could choose anything, what to be in my professional life, it would be to be an authority in the field of forensic psychiatry and to make profiles of weird and scary criminals. I am fascinated with twisted minds. In real life I am the website editor for the Dutch forensic psychiatric institute, that's as close as I can get.

I can make up a lot more, like remembering numbers as songs, also not prefering thongs (or sexy, strappy sandles which give me blisters in about two minutes) and so on. Take care, M. from Amsterdam

biology girl said...

Okay, these things probably range from the slighty unusual to "WEIRD", but here goes:

1. I love the smell of OFF. Yes, the bug spray. It reminds me of camping.

2. I am inordinately prone to nicknames. Almost everyone in my life has a DIFFERENT name they call me. I tried to make a list once and stopped at thirty.

3. I am most adamant about things when I am wrong about them. (See my latest bday post on Librarian Girl's blog...)

4. I name my house plants. And have been known to smuggle them across state borders when I move. And ascribe personalities to them.

5. Related to number 4, I get REALLY attached to inanimate objects. For example, I have this little plastic glow-in-the-dark monster that has sat on my alarm clock by my bed since ELEMENTARY school. Seriously.

6. My New Year's Resolution two years ago was to START drinking coffee.

7. When I get nervous or uncomfortable I have to...well...pee a lot. Sort of like a little dog except not on people's belongings.

So, there you have it! This might be TMI (especially 7) but you asked for it!

smartypantsless said...

Um, I happened upon this site because of illustration Friday, but just read your 7 weird things.

I HAVE watched every episode of Little House, and own them on DVD. Just last week I actually refused a design for something at work based solely on the fact that they used comic sans. And I am also allergic to cold.

Were we separated at birth?

Anonymous said...

I love it! For me, I have to limit myself to only 7 strange things! I could go on forever. So, here are my top 7:

1. I hate joints (dont mind the smoking kind) and the worst are wrists.

2. I still sleep with my blankie and have a hard time if I dont have it with me (I dont travel with it for fear of someone stealing it). When I do have to travel I always take a 'fake' blankie as a substitute.

3. I love looking through the ads in the Sunday newspaper, I dont know why, I never actually go out and buy anything I see, I just like to look.

4. I get really really specific cravings for really specific foods. The worst one to date was a craving for poppy seed danish roll thing. I will go to 15 different stores to find exactly what I want. I will stop at nothing to get whatever it is that I am craving.

5. I love looking into people's houses and apartments. I think I am just fascinated with how different people live. I did pizza delivery for a long time becuase I loved seeing into people's houses.

6. I love, and I mean, love to throw things out. I love to clean out people's clutter and get rid of stuff. One time I sent my friend away and cleaned her house for two days straight, took 3 car loads of crap to the dump.

7. Related to number 6: I love garbage, it fascinates me. I love going to the dump, its one of my favorite activities. I have read numerous books about garbage and waste. I regret not majoring in waste management in college. I love running in my neighborhood on Tuesday cause its recycle day and I get to see everyone's garbage out on the street. Garbage excites me.

7+ I had to throw this in cause it really is weird. For the life of me I cant spell the word "thier", it always comes out wrong, I have tried every trick in the book to remember i before e.....nothing works and I get it wrong every time!


traveling monkey said...

1. George George
2. Jellyfarm
3. Spanky
4. Pa is a two-timing, double-crossing, no good mama's boy!

i can't think straight, i'm tired.

donna said...

you're definitely not alone with the hatred of comic sans. i actually demand to know who created any publication that uses it just so i can think less of that person.